Course 4: Editing and imputation

Course material

Course program

The course aims at providing the audience with general overview of current trends in editing and imputation  methodology. Both tasks are very important in improving the quality of data and require a lot human resources in data processing.

Main contents

on editing:

  • What is editing?
  • Different contexts of editing
  • Editing strategy: criteria and planning
  • Testing, tuning and monitoring the strategy
  • Error types and tools for error recognition
  • Editing as the basis for error correction and imputation

on imputation:

  • Targets for imputations
  • General strategy of imputation methods
  • Single vs multiple imputation
  • Imputation models
  • Imputation tasks
  • Concrete examples on different strategies and methods
  • Editing and imputation


  • Prof Seppo Laaksonen  (University of Helsinki and Statistics Finland)
  • Dr Pauli Ollila (Statistics Finland)