Session 21 - Nonresponse

Chairperson: Kari Djerf,

The Access Panel of German Official Statistics as a Sampling Frame for Voluntary Household Surveys

Boyko Amarov,

Paper 1.5 MB Presentation 661.5 KB

Nonresponse adjustment in the European Social Survey (ESS)

Ineke Stoop, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP

Presentation 689.9 KB

Unit non-response in wealth surveys: a case study with the Finnish data

Sebastien Perez-Duarte,

Paper 314.5 KB Presentation 292.5 KB

Methodological developments for a sampling procedure with contacting spread over successive waves

Camille Vanderhoeft, Statistics Belgium

Paper 114.9 KB Presentation 135.6 KB

An analysis of sequences in call record for the French survey on sexual behaviour

Nicolas Razafindratsima, INED

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