Programme changes

Session 9

Ethan Weisman, Zdravko Balyozov and Louis Venter  replace Andreas Georgiou as
authors of the paper “Advancing Transparency of Data Quality:  The Case of the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard”.
Presentation will be made by Mr Muhammed El Gorchi.

Session 29

Johan Erikson, Gustav Haraldsen and Ger Snijkers: “The future of statistical
data collection?” has been cancelled, and, thus the timetable will go 15 min up.

Session 24

Jens Olofsson: “Probability-proportional-to-size Sampling from a Rare Population”
cancelled. No effects on other presentations.

Session 30

Britta Gauckler and Thomas Körner: “Measuring the employment status in the labour force
survey and the next German census. Insights form recent research at Destatis”
moved to special session 36, to be held on Thursday 6 May at 9:30.

Session 36

Johan Van der Valk: “Labour Force Survey ad hoc modules: good or bad practice?”
moved to session 30, to be held on Tuesday 4 May at 11:00.