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Session 1

Quality management frameworks

Session 2

Quality management systems

Session 3

Business excellence models

Session 4

Quality indicators

Session 5

Process quality

Session 6

Measuring process performance

Session 7

Quality audits

Session 8

Assessment and certification

Session 9

Quality reporting

Session 10

Communicating quality to users

Session 11

Satisfying user needs

Session 12

Integrated data sets and systems

Session 13

Re-engineering of statistics production

Session 14

Redesign of surveys

Session 15

Standardisation and metadata

Session 16

Time series

Session 17


Session 18

Human resources

Session 19


Session 20


Session 21


Session 22

Web-surveys, response burden

Session 23

Survey measurement issues

Session 24

Special sampling designs

Session 25

Use of administrative sources to improve sample estimates

Session 26

Census 2011

Session 27

Use of administrative sources - I

Session 28

Use of administrative sources - II

Session 29

Data collection

Session 30

Labour force data

Session 31


Special Session 32

ESSNET on multinational enterprises

Special Session 33

ESSNET on Representativity indicators for survey quality

Special Session 34

Data quality and inference under register information

Special Session 35

Quality management in a changing environment

Special Session 36

Social statistics

Special Session 37

Statistical Disclosure Control

Special Session 38

ESSNET on Uses of Administrative and Accounts Data for Business Statistics

Special Session 39

Poverty measurement in Europe - recent methodological advances in the European year of combating poverty

Session 40

Roundtable on Statistical quality in the next decade: perspectives and challenges

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