Call for papers

We invite colleagues to take a look at the list of topics and consider submitting an abstract for evaluation. The Q2010 Conference will select papers basing on these abstracts. The abstracts should be submitted to the conference email address by 11 December 2009. Their length should not exceed 200 words in either MS-Word (.doc) or pdf-format. The authors will be informed of acceptance by the end of February 2010. Instructions for final papers will be provided at the same time.


The Q2010 Conference encompasses relevant topics for improving quality in the European Statistical System. For example, following topics will be covered by the Conference:

Quality management
models for quality management,  implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice
Measuring quality
total survey errors, process indicators, measuring accuracy in complex surveys, control surveys
Process quality
process variables, quality tools, monitoring systems
Quality assessment
self-assessments, internal and external auditing, peer reviews, quality labelling, quality certification
Standardisation tools
current best methods, guidelines, standards, recommended practices
Communicating quality to users
quality reports, quality declarations, documentation and new ICT
Satisfying user needs
collecting user needs, measuring user satisfaction
Human resources
statistical education, networks of education facilities, staff training

Re-engineering of the statistical systems

  • Process integration (IT architecture and tools)
  • Quality assessment of integrated production models
  • Metadata and other infrastructure elements
  • Simplification of legislation

Quality in data collection and processing

  • Special issues on census planning
  • Administrative and register data
  • Survey design
  • Questionnaire design and testing
  • Reducing response burden
  • Data collection modes
  • Editing and imputation techniques
  • Confidentiality and disclosure control