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Exploring micro-databases for statistical quality control: the experience of Banco de Portugal

António Agostinho, Banco de Portugal

Paper 82.8 KB Presentation 1.4 MB

The Access Panel of German Official Statistics as a Sampling Frame for Voluntary Household Surveys

Boyko Amarov,

Paper 1.5 MB Presentation 661.5 KB

Model selection for improving missing values estimation in the Italian large firms employment survey

G. Amato,

Paper 406.5 KB Presentation 221.9 KB

Monthly Estimates of the GDP from Quarterly National Accounts and Social Security Register

Javier Aramburu,

Paper 116.5 KB Presentation 4.5 MB

A centralised management tool for quality indicators in Eustat

Jorge Aramendi,

Paper 90.5 KB Presentation 4.0 MB

EU-SILC provisional results available two months after collection, a dream come true?

Antonio Argüeso, INE

Paper 92.0 KB Presentation 137.0 KB

Internet based Users satisfaction Surveys

Antonio Baigorri,

Paper 123.0 KB Presentation 533.0 KB

Reengineering of business statistics in practice: the MEETS programme and Eurogroups Register (EGR)

Eduardo Barredo Capelot, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 94.5 KB Presentation 2.5 MB

Quality aspects of the use of administrative data for social statistics: Examples from Germany

Bernd Becker, Federal Statistical Office

Paper 249.0 KB Presentation 197.0 KB

Sample quality assessment using R-indicators

Koen Beullens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Presentation 601.5 KB

Estimation based on databases integrated over time: quality analysis of alternative integration criteria

Silvia Biffignandi, Bergamo Unversity, CASI c/oDMSIA

Paper 169.0 KB Paper 167.4 KB Presentation 389.6 KB

The use of R-indicators in responsive survey designs

Einar Bjørshol,

Presentation 458.5 KB

Some thoughts about a public dialogue on official statistics

Marie Bohatá,

Presentation 1.1 MB

Quality management in a changing environment: Eurostat's perspective

Marie Bohatá,

Paper 170.5 KB Presentation 553.5 KB

Longitudinal data from Italian Labour Force Survey

Barbara Boschetto,

Paper 135.6 KB Presentation 589.0 KB

Consulting the users on quality documentation supply

Giovanna Brancato, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 108.5 KB Presentation 276.5 KB

Assessing Quality through Auditing and Self-Assessment

Giovanna Brancato, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 153.7 KB Presentation 378.0 KB

Development of quality management and its implementation in the European Statistical System

Teodóra Brandmüller,

Presentation 899.0 KB

Quality in times of change

Gary Brown, Office for National Statistics

Paper 627.5 KB Presentation 817.5 KB

Backcasting Methods at Statistics Austria

Monika Brunauer, Statistics Austria

Paper 319.9 KB Presentation 680.8 KB

Are the Standard Documentations really Quality Reports?

Thomas Burg, Statistics Austria

Paper 146.7 KB Presentation 1.7 MB

Accuracy evaluation of dissemination data adopting a sampling strategy in the 2011 Italian Population Census

Gianfranco Carbonetti, ISTAT

Paper 199.0 KB

Quality evaluation analysis of the Italian Business Register on Enterprise Groups

Fulvia Cerroni, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 269.2 KB Presentation 533.0 KB

Reengineering French structural business statistics: an extended use of administrative data

Sébastien Chami, INSEE

Paper 145.5 KB Presentation 134.0 KB

Building additional samples to existing ones, with balancing or overlapping conditions and given inclusion probabilities

Marc Christine, INSEE

Presentation 697.4 KB

Internal Coherence in Seasonally Adjusted Chain Laspeyres Indices An Application to the Italian Labour Cost Indicators

Anna Ciammola, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 479.0 KB Presentation 266.0 KB

Enhancing data quality by the use of harmonised structural metadata in the European statistical system

Emmanuel Clement,

Paper 381.5 KB Presentation 659.0 KB

Integration of the Eurostat and ESS Metadata Systems

Emmanuel Clement,

Paper 570.5 KB Presentation 787.5 KB

Monitoring process and non-sampling errors control in PLUS sample survey

Gianni Corsetti, Institute for Development of Vocational Training

Paper 318.9 KB Presentation 394.6 KB

Satisfying users need

Christina Cronsioe, Statistics Sweden

Paper 27.3 KB Presentation 288.4 KB

Challenges of redesigning household surveys and maintaining output quality

Menno Cuppen, Statistics Netherlands

Paper 588.9 KB Presentation 481.5 KB

The determination of administrative data quality: recent results and new developments

Piet Daas, Statistics Netherlands

Paper 385.3 KB Presentation 895.0 KB

Use of credit register’s data for statistical purposes: advantages and preconditions, current uses and potential future uses

Violetta Damia, European Central Bank/DG-Statistics

Paper 176.0 KB Paper 126.5 KB Presentation 268.5 KB

Quality of quality: an analysis of quality indicators and their quality

Aurora De Santis,

Paper 183.5 KB Presentation 456.5 KB

Towards a best practice of modeling unit of measure and related statistical metadata

Michaela Denk, IMF

Paper 560.6 KB

Towards a best practice of modeling unit of measure and related statistical metadata

Michaela Denk, IMF

Presentation 486.0 KB

Reengineering French structural business statistics: an overview

Raoul Depoutot, INSEE

Paper 67.0 KB Presentation 105.5 KB

Sampling strategy for the dual-system correction of the under-coverage in the Register Supported 2011 Italian Population Census

Loredana Di Consiglio,

Presentation 544.0 KB Presentation 209.0 KB

Data analysis in official statistics

Emilio Di Meglio, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 44.0 KB Presentation 667.5 KB

Use of Contamination Models for Selective Editing

Marco Di Zio,

Paper 325.9 KB Presentation 658.3 KB

Quality assessment in register-based census – administrative versus statistical concepts in the case of households

Danilo Dolenc, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Paper 116.5 KB Presentation 431.5 KB

QMS – from basic form to performance improvement

Mária Dologová,

Paper 160.8 KB Presentation 166.5 KB

Methods of estimation for business statistics variables that cannot be obtained from administrative data sources

Duncan Elliott,

Paper 109.0 KB Presentation 426.0 KB

Support for design of statistical surveys at Statistics Sweden

Eva Elvers, Statistics Sweden

Paper 151.2 KB Presentation 288.3 KB

The future of statistical data collection?

Johan Erikson,

National accounts revisions: Italian manufacturing productivity analysis

Alessandro Faramondi, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 141.5 KB Presentation 287.5 KB

From Knowledge to Quality: Contribution of Methodology

Francisco Fernandez-Fernandez,

Presentation 723.0 KB

Quality Assessment for Register based Statistics in Austria

Reinhard Fiedler,

Paper 711.4 KB Presentation 1.4 MB

A statistical method for evaluating the effects of the passage from NACE Rev.1.1 to NACE Rev.2 in National Accounts data

Rosalba Filippello, ISTAT

Paper 161.7 KB

A mixture model for estimating undercoverage rate in Italian municipal population registers

Marco Fortini, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 328.0 KB Presentation 510.0 KB

Development of Quality Indicators

John-Mark Frost, Office for National Statistics

Paper 126.5 KB Presentation 439.0 KB

Implementation of the Neuchâtel Terminology Model for Variables at Statistics Estonia

Eda Froš,

Paper 587.5 KB Presentation 726.5 KB

Intraclass correlation coefficient and non-response

Siegfried Gabler, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Presentation 3.0 MB

An optimal allocation scheme for the German Register-based Census 2011

Siegfried Gabler, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Presentation 1.6 MB

Integration of Adminstrative Registers and Statistical Archives

Stafania Gardinaleschi, ISTAT

Paper 153.4 KB

Enhancement of the Commercial Register to Reduce Response Burden in Economic Structural Statistics

Patxi Garrido,

Paper 235.5 KB Presentation 2.9 MB

Communicating quality to users : the quality section on INSEE website

Claudine Gasnier, INSEE

Paper 47.5 KB Presentation 1.2 MB

Assessing quality by means of temporal disaggregation

Riccardo Gatto, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Presentation 485.2 KB

Measuring the Employment Status in the Labour Force Survey and the next German Census. Insights form Recent Research at Destatis

Britta Gauckler, Federal Statistical Office

Presentation 231.1 KB Presentation 110.9 KB

Advancing Transparency of Data Quality: The Case of the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard

(Andreas Georgiou) Mohammed El Qorchi,

Paper 85.5 KB Presentation 156.0 KB

ABS Data Quality Framework: Linking Quality Assessment to Development of Performance Indicators

Narrisa Gilbert, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Paper 54.5 KB Presentation 3.2 MB

A nonparametric Fay-Herriot model for estimating poverty measures at LAU1-2 level in Italy

Caterina Giusti,

Paper 971.0 KB Presentation 1.4 MB

User Views on Quality Reporting

Sarah Green, UK Office for National Statistics

Paper 1.0 MB Presentation 407.5 KB

Measuring Respondent Burden to Statistical Surveys

Sarah Green, UK Office for National Statistics

Paper 124.0 KB Presentation 502.0 KB

Developing Survey Handbooks as Educational Tools for Data Users

Deborah Griffin, U.S. Census Bureau

Paper 1.5 MB Presentation 4.6 MB

Towards a process oriented view on Statistical Data Quality

Wilfried Grossmann, University Vienna, Facultiy Computer Science

Paper 242.2 KB Presentation 1.8 MB

Improving screening procedures for identifying rare populations for ABS surveys

Chloe Groves,

Presentation 195.5 KB

Quality profiles for data protection methods

Lawrence H. Cox,

Presentation 78.6 KB

Nationality, Citizenship, Race, Ethnicity and Migration as Socio-demographic Background Variables in Comparative Social Surveys

Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik,

Paper 46.3 KB Presentation 118.0 KB

Reengineering French structural business statistics: redesign of the annual survey

Olivier Haag, INSEE

Paper 141.0 KB Presentation 587.5 KB

The new legislative framework for European statistics: Towards implementation in the areas of quality and confidentiality

Martina Hahn, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 197.0 KB Presentation 904.5 KB

Measuring trust in surveys

Riitta Hanifi, Statistics Finland

Paper 358.0 KB Presentation 365.0 KB

Data Collection Quality Indicators

Gustav Haraldsen, Statistics Norway

Paper 1008.0 KB Presentation 1007.5 KB

Quality Profiles for structural and sustainable development indicators

Wolfgang Hauschild, European Commission

Paper 185.0 KB Presentation 1.1 MB

Web Form Design Standards - Preparing for web forms in the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Kettie Hewett, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Presentation 733.5 KB

Improved Availability for Respondents

Marie Hollertz, Statistics Sweden

Paper 213.8 KB Presentation 457.8 KB

The application of selective editing to the ONS Monthly Business Survey

Emma Hooper, Office for National Statistics

Paper 304.0 KB Presentation 422.5 KB

Identifying and Explaining Inconsistencies in Linked Administrative and Survey Data: The Case of German Employment Biographies

Martina Huber,

Paper 165.0 KB Presentation 66.6 KB

Robust multivariate imputation for income data

Beat Hulliger, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switze

Presentation 1.8 MB

On-Site Access to Micro Data: Preserving the Treasure, Preventing Disclosure

Julia Höninger, State Statistical Office Berlin-Brandenburg

Paper 80.9 KB Presentation 298.4 KB

On Privacy-Preserving Utility-Based Statistical Disclosure Limitation Methods

Daniela Ichim, ISTAT - Italian National Institute of Statistics

Paper 166.1 KB Presentation 213.0 KB

Dual mode of data collection – a new approach in population, housing and dwelling census in Slovakia in 2011

Ludmila Ivancikova,

Presentation 586.0 KB Presentation 586.0 KB

Improving the design of UK business surveys

Gareth James, UK Office for National Statistics

Paper 46.5 KB Presentation 215.5 KB

The Process of Practicing Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data at Statistics Sweden

Ingegerd Jansson, Statistics Sweden

Paper 241.5 KB Presentation 246.0 KB

The journey towards an ISO certification - Implementing ISO 20252 for Market, Opinion and Social Research at Statistics Sweden

Lilli Japec, Statistics Sweden

Paper 151.7 KB Presentation 174.9 KB

Striving for Business Excellence: Implementing the EFQM Excellence Model at Statistics Sweden

Lilli Japec, Statistics Sweden

Paper 40.0 KB Presentation 305.0 KB

Staff Opinion Surveys as an element of quality management

Claudia Junker, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 180.0 KB Presentation 60.5 KB

Collaborating for Quality: A Cross-Discipline Approach to Questionnaire Content Evaluation in Business Surveys

Diane K. Willimack,

Paper 63.9 KB Presentation 294.2 KB

Implementation of the EDIMBUS recommended practices manual at the Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Daniel Kilchmann, Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Paper 125.9 KB Presentation 446.4 KB

The statistical units model and integration

Wim Kloek, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 114.0 KB Presentation 1.3 MB

Study of Editing and Imputation Practices at Statistics Finland

Janika Konnu, Statistics Finland

Paper 221.0 KB Presentation 1.2 MB

Preparing for Changes in Administrative Data for Statistics

Ville Koskinen, Statistics Finland

Paper 106.8 KB

Fully versus Endpoint Verbalized Scales

Dagmar Krebs, University of Giessen

Presentation 554.9 KB

Quality reporting under pressure: European, national and user demands

Andrea Kron, Federal Statistical Office

Paper 44.6 KB Presentation 629.0 KB

System of methodology audits in CZSO

Jiří Kubín,

Paper 36.5 KB Presentation 232.5 KB

Collection of Paradata in a CAPI System with Wireless Telecommunications

Vesa Kuusela, Statistics Finland

Paper 370.5 KB Presentation 1008.5 KB

How To Win the National Quality Award

Jiři Křovák,

Paper 2.1 MB Presentation 837.5 KB

Imputing a binary variable with two alternative imputation models

Seppo Laaksonen, Statistics Finland

Presentation 584.4 KB

Assessing Quality of Paradata to Better Understand the Data Collection Process for CAPI Social Surveys

François Laflamme,

Paper 299.0 KB Presentation 789.0 KB

Implementation of Responsive Design for CATI Surveys at Statistics Canada

François Laflamme,

Paper 247.5 KB Presentation 1.3 MB

Comparison of sample survey and register based estimators via mse decompositon

Thomas Laitila, Örebro University and Statistics Sweden

Paper 156.4 KB Presentation 67.5 KB

Does compliance with the (UK’s) Code of Practice mean that the figures are ‘right’?

Richard Laux, UK Statistics Authority

Paper 60.0 KB Presentation 141.5 KB

Estimation of poverty indicators for domains with unit-level auxiliary information

Risto Lehtonen, University of Helsinki

Presentation 592.0 KB

Developing Business Data Collection

Johanna Leivo, Statistics Finland

Paper 354.7 KB Presentation 1.1 MB

Continuous Improvement in Quality Management of Official Statistics in Hong Kong, China

Stephen Leung Kwan-chi,

Paper 71.2 KB Presentation 850.5 KB

Integrating data from different sources, in the production of business statistics

Daniel Lewis, Office for National Statistics

Paper 90.5 KB Presentation 286.5 KB

Managing Processes in Data Dissemination

Peter Lohauss, State Statistical Institute Berlin-Brandenburg

Paper 81.5 KB Presentation 1.0 MB

Towards a common revisions for European statistics

Gian Luigi Mazzi,

Presentation 591.0 KB

Back-calculation of European aggregates: some general considerations

Gian Luigi Mazzi,

Presentation 1.0 MB

Differential survey strategies based on R-indicators

Annemieke Luiten, Statistics Netherlands

Paper 676.0 KB Paper 136.0 KB Presentation 288.0 KB

The Use of Administrative Fiscal Data for the Production of Research and Development Statistics in Italy

Orietta Luzi,

Paper 226.2 KB Presentation 424.5 KB Presentation 448.5 KB

Quality in Official Statistics: Some critical issues

Lars Lyberg,

Presentation 253.5 KB

Measuring Process Quality and Performance in Statistical Organizations

John M. Bushery,

Paper 97.4 KB Presentation 296.5 KB

Development and implementation of quality and performance indicators for frame creation and imputation

Kornélia Mag, Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Paper 36.9 KB Presentation 94.5 KB

The Setup of the Central Register of Addresses and Buildings of the German 2011 Census: Data Quality Issues and Solutions

Andrea Maldonado, Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS)

Paper 239.7 KB Presentation 278.5 KB

Retrieval on Information on Neonatal Mortality by Integration of Administrative Data Sources: Some Quality Issues and Results

Christiano Marini, ISTAT

Paper 103.6 KB

Improving the quality of the Labour Force Survey: from words to action

Nicola Massarelli, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 103.5 KB Presentation 1.6 MB

Implementation of a TQM approach: CAF as a quality cockpit ?

Nicholas Mlynek,

Paper 358.5 KB Presentation 278.0 KB

Improving web and electronic questionnaires: The case of the audit trail

Mattijn Morren,

Paper 1.1 MB Presentation 2.0 MB

A modular metadata-driven statistical production system – the case of price index production system at Statistics Finland

Pekka Mäkelä, Statistics Finland

Paper 308.5 KB Presentation 546.0 KB

Training Programme in Statistical Skills - towards top statistical know-how and solid professional identity

Riikka Mäkinen, Statistics Finland

Paper 253.3 KB Presentation 227.0 KB

A New Mixed Randomized Model

Ayesha Nazuk, NUST University

Paper 211.7 KB

Development and Implementation of Selective Data Editing at Statistics Sweden

Lennart Nordberg, Statistics Sweden

Paper 257.8 KB Presentation 1.7 MB

Increased efficiency by harmonizing metadata and quality

Blagica Novkovska, State Statistical Office

Paper 682.0 KB Presentation 423.0 KB

Towards the Streamlining of the Editing Process of Data on the International Trading of Goods: Recent Advances in Italy

Alessandra Nuccitelli, ISTAT

Paper 99.1 KB

From quality reporting to quality assessment – Experiences of the first quality assessment round in the frame of European external trade statistics

Karo Nuortila, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 82.5 KB Presentation 556.0 KB

Probability-proportional-to-size Sampling from a Rare Population

Jens Olofsson, Örebro University

Quality framework for registers applied to online price information and offline route information

Saskia Ossen,

Paper 574.5 KB Presentation 402.0 KB

Estimation of small areas and domains in register-assisted censuses

Jan Pablo Burgard,

Presentation 1.4 MB

Strategic Aim - Improvins understanding of the Quality of out statistics

Stephen Penneck, ONS

Presentation 248.5 KB

Unit non-response in wealth surveys: a case study with the Finnish data

Sebastien Perez-Duarte,

Paper 314.5 KB Presentation 292.5 KB

Improving co-operation and quality regarding deliveries of statistics from producers of primary statistics to National Accounts

Roger Pettersson, Statistics Sweden

Paper 180.5 KB Presentation 562.4 KB

Improving quality through assessment of official statistics in the UK

Mark Pont, UK Statistics Authority

Paper 87.0 KB Presentation 149.5 KB

Certification of the Eustat Service Charter, a further sign of Transparency towards the User

Cristina Prado Valle,

Paper 209.5 KB Presentation 3.6 MB

The CZSO Quality Metadata System and Its Use in Quality Monitoring, Assessment and Methodology Auditing

Jitka Prokop, Czech Statistical Office

Paper 114.0 KB Presentation 611.5 KB

Improvement of personnel policies in Statistics Estonia and lessons learned

Remi Prual, Statistics Estonia

Presentation 656.0 KB

Closing the Gap between Registers and Surveys. The Case of Statistics on Marginal Employment in Germany

Katharina Puch, Federal Statistical Office

Paper 86.4 KB Presentation 164.1 KB

A Family of Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control

Andreas Quatember, JKU Johannes Kepler University Linz

Presentation 574.2 KB

Terminology relating to the Regulation on European statistics and the Communication on the production method of EU statistics

Walter Radermacher,

Paper 686.0 KB Presentation 646.5 KB

Quality aspects and quality criteria of a classification revision and its implementation

Norbert Rainer, Statistics Austria

Presentation 804.5 KB

An analysis of sequences in call record for the French survey on sexual behaviour

Nicolas Razafindratsima, INED

Presentation 47.1 KB

Current and Future Applications of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model At Statistic Canada

Laurie Reedman, Statistics Canada

Paper 177.5 KB Presentation 557.5 KB

The impact of globalisation on the system of statistical units

Jean Ritzen, Statistics Netherlands

Paper 142.5 KB Presentation 825.5 KB

Coherence of data from different sources

Ulrike Rockmann, State Statistical Office Berlin-Brandenburg

Paper 2.6 MB

Census Quality Control with BSC: The Portuguese experience

Álvaro Rosa,

Paper 209.5 KB Presentation 683.0 KB

Implementing OMB’s Standards and Guidelines for Statistical Surveys in the Census Bureau’s Economic Directorate and Some Results

Steven S. Klement,

Paper 39.4 KB Presentation 171.8 KB

Quality of Pretesting: Instruments for Evaluation and Standardization

Sabine Sattelberger, Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS)

Paper 97.7 KB Presentation 9.1 MB

Issues Related to Data Dissemination in Official Statistics

Susan Schechter, U.S. Census Bureau

Paper 738.2 KB Presentation 357.0 KB

Social and cultural participation in EU-SILC and the problem of output harmonization

Hans Schmeets, Statistics Netherlands / Maastricht University

Paper 114.0 KB Presentation 397.5 KB

Indicators for representative response

Barry Schouten,

Paper 349.0 KB Presentation 297.5 KB

Surveys, administrative data or integrated models: A decision by quality indicators?

Dieter Schäfer, Federal Statistical Office

Paper 197.0 KB Presentation 821.5 KB

Quality and quantity - Using administrative data for scientific purposes in labour market research

Patrycja Scioch, IAB - Institute for Employment Research

Presentation 60.6 KB

Quality reporting at SORS – experiences and future perspectives

Rudi Seljak, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Paper 65.1 KB Presentation 466.0 KB

Using UNECE generic statistical business process model for activity-based cost management in Statistics Estonia

Tuulikki Sillajõe, Statistics Estonia

Presentation 1.4 MB

Assessment of EMCDDA drug-related key epidemiological indicators:latest achievements

Sandrine Slaiman, European Monotoring Centre for Drugs

Paper 80.6 KB

Quality management in a changing environment: Multiple users – multiple purposes

Ineke Stoop, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP

Presentation 3.6 MB

Quality in Social Statistics and Academic Social Surveys

Ineke Stoop, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP

Presentation 616.0 KB

Nonresponse adjustment in the European Social Survey (ESS)

Ineke Stoop, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP

Presentation 689.9 KB

Statistical quality - 8 things about statistics that keep surprising me

Ineke Stoop, The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP

Presentation 2.1 MB

A framework for evaluating the quality of administrative data for research purposes

Reijo Sund, National Institute for Health and Welfare

Paper 313.1 KB Presentation 1.5 MB

Web panels at national statistical institutes?

Jörgen Svensson, Statistics Sweden

Paper 116.5 KB Presentation 186.0 KB

Quality Assurance Framework in the HCSO

Katalin Szép, Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Paper 34.9 KB Presentation 128.0 KB

Data quality and inference uder register information

Carl-Erik Särndal, Univeriste de Montreal

Presentation 54.5 KB

Using administrative registers in sample surveys

Kaja Sõstra, Statistics Estonia

Presentation 452.5 KB

The European Union project on "Profiling large and complex Multinational Enterprises"

Pierre Teillet, INSEE

Paper 75.0 KB Presentation 319.5 KB

IRMI: An Open-source Solution for Imputation of Complex Data Using Robust Methods

Matthias Templ, Statistics Austria

Presentation 679.3 KB

Statistical quality in the next decade: challenges and perspectives

Lars Thygesen, Statistics Denmark

Presentation 157.5 KB

Multiple imputation for measurement error correction in survey data

Maria Valaste, University of Helsinki

Paper 108.9 KB Presentation 272.9 KB

Classifications - a key element in the process of harmonization

Isabel Valente, Statistics Portugal

Paper 97.5 KB Presentation 2.6 MB

Minimum set of indicators qualitys standard Mercosur

Rosemary Vallejo de Azevedo,

Paper 152.0 KB Presentation 224.0 KB

Quality issues on the way from survey to administrative data: the case of SBS statistics of microenterprises in Slovakia

Andrej Vallo, Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Paper 158.3 KB Presentation 645.0 KB

Methodological developments for a sampling procedure with contacting spread over successive waves

Camille Vanderhoeft, Statistics Belgium

Paper 114.9 KB Presentation 135.6 KB

Linking management, planning and quality in Statistics Norway

Hans Viggo Sæbø,

Paper 308.0 KB Presentation 2.0 MB

Towards Statistical Registry on Persons in Italy from tax and demographic administrative sources

Roberta Vivio, National Istitute of Statistics

Paper 123.5 KB

The use of VAT for short time statistics: Timeliness

Pieter Vlag, Statistics Netherlands

Paper 576.0 KB Presentation 255.0 KB

Integrating Official Firm Data for Germany

Ramona Voshage, State Statistical Office Berlin-Brandenburg

Paper 105.5 KB Paper 74.9 KB Presentation 233.9 KB

Imputation of Cross-Country Time Series: Techniques and Evaluation

Michael Weber, World Bank

Paper 309.7 KB Presentation 954.6 KB

Effects of attrition in the Norwegian Survey on statistics on income and living conditions, EU-SILC

Marit Wilhelmsen, Statistics Norway

Presentation 319.5 KB

Financial market crisis and the relevance of European statistics - the ECB perspective

Caroline Willeke, European Central Bank

Paper 91.0 KB Presentation 274.5 KB

A statistical approach to linked micro-data from multiple registers

Li-Chun Zhang,

Presentation 263.5 KB

Variance Estimation for Measures of Change in Poverty and Income Inequality Indicators

Stefan Zins, University of Trier

Presentation 534.1 KB

A Flexible and Generic Model for Quality Assurance Frameworks

Peter van Nederpelt,

Paper 1.9 MB Presentation 1.0 MB

Labour Force Survey ad hoc modules: good or bad practice?

Johan van der Valk, European Commission - Eurostat

Paper 112.5 KB Presentation 955.0 KB

Bridge the gap between strategy and practice: the Data Quality Network

Sibylle von Oppeln-Bronikowski,

Paper 177.8 KB Presentation 953.5 KB